The branding edge to an organisation

Branding is a well-researched notion in a B2C environment but a concept often overlooked in the context of B2B. Conceptually, similar to B2C organisations, digital communication with the use of digital tools and devices allows these organisations to experience the benefits of exposing their brands to a wider audience.

Based on a study carried out in 2015 in which to consider the value of B2B branding from the B2B customer (buyer) perspective, results indicate the relevance and importance of B2B branding, particularly in organisations where reputation is the driving force of attracting new B2B customers while nurturing long-term relationships with existing ones (Strong, J. and Bolat, E., 2015).

The often overlooked factor in branding an organisation.

Professional photography is important in extending one’s professionalism or brand to an image. It is the representation of the value of a business, be it goods or services. An exceptional quality portrait is  highly regarded as a form of investment in elevating the brand of an individual or an organisation; an important part of any business marketing goal in increasing sales and overall perception of the value of a business

Photography by Olivier Henry From MILK Photographie

What an experienced photographer can offer you

A photographer with the relevant experience in visual branding has the ability to understand your brand, know what you intend to convey and execute it to show your talents, potential and worth. It is important for a corporate headshot to convey a sense of professional unity while still showcasing one’s individual personality. In an era where digital communication is king, that human touch can be that edge your business needs to stand out from your competitors, turning consumers into customers.

Consistency in quality for the benefit of a corporate identity

Depending on your corporate identity, head shots should be taken with a controlled studio lighting, one that can be recorded and served as a template, for future head shots in potentially introducing new individuals in your business. The intricacies in lighting, expressions, postures and hues applied to the final image, consistent throughout your organisation will be the key in projecting an impactful first impression; a positive, reliable and personable image for you and your brand. These portraits should be used for the different channels of communication; company websites, emails, and LinkedIn accounts. Additional photography of you in your natural business environment can be considered for your websites and marketing materials, instantly connecting you to potential customers about who you are, and what your brand stands for.

*Milk Photographie, founded and spearheaded by Olivier Henry, has over 17 years of experience in the visual branding of individuals and businesses, specialising in advertising photography for luxury brands.

Sheth, J. N., & Sinha, M. (2015). B2B branding in emerging markets: A sustainability perspective. Industrial Marketing Management, 51, 79-88.
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